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Shimmering Stone

Shimmering Stone is a jewelry product varied from Dancing Stone. Using the same patented technique as Dancing Stone, Shimmering Stone yet “dances” in all directions, allowing even more refractions to catch people’s eyes. There is little friction between the two jump rings; therefore, the movement of the stone is more delicate than the standard dangling jewelry.

Hanger Difference.jpg

A Dancing Stone


Unlike the regular Dancing Stone, Shimmering Stone has only one arm, which makes the centre stone twist in all directions to give extra sparkles.


More design possibilities

The limitation on designs for this component is less, providing more possibilities and potentials.


Reuse of Components

Besides purchasing the components designated for Shimmering Stone, you may use your current excessive regular components to create a whole new collection of Shimmering Stone.


Increase Sales Turnover


Stamping makes the single-armed component very lightweight, meaning you can sell the finished products at reasonably low prices and raise your business turnover.

Create New Designs Easily

Since there are fewer requirements to producing Shimmering Stone than Dancing Stone, you can have various jewelry designs. Even simple and basic designs will stand out with the incessant sparkling effect. You can launch new products throughout the year for all seasons and occasions.

Enlarge Customer Base


Shimmering Stone is competitive with its low production cost and high design variety. People are drawn to its twinkly shimmers despite their age differences. Expand your sales channel to selling Shimmering Stone online or in retail stores. Consider gifts and premiums to broaden your customer base in different industries.

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