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Dancing Stone: 圖片

Dancing Stone

The Twinkle of Love

Our first ever patented product

In Nov 2010, Mr. Hidetaka Dobashi found that a slight movement of the human body would make a diamond vibrate which maximizes the brightness of the diamond. This led him to research on inventing a brand new diamond setting, “TWINKLE Setting”. The jewelry with “TWINKLE Setting” is called Dancing Stone. It is named as the diamonds are constantly moving as if it is dancing. Being delicate and elegant, Dancing Stone could be applied on various designs.

We have developed a wide range of components in different sizes, shapes and metals to cater different needs of customers from all over the world. Dancing Stone Component is a 4-prong finding, which is precisely cut and highly polished to ensure each and every single piece is in outstanding and excellent quality. With innovative patented setting technique, this component can easily be integrated to your creative and exclusive jewelry designs, radiating brilliance and emphasizing uniqueness.

Exclusive Benefits

Product Diversification
  • New concepted collection with Crossfor "Twinkle Setting"

  • Acquire newest setting technique

Quality Assurance
  • Guarantee QC and technical support

  • Provided with legal support

Brand Reinforcement
  • Strengthen your brand through a global patented product

  • Distinguish your brand from competitors

Product & Market Support
  • Provide marketing and display tools

  • Connect through our effective global platform

Business Models


By licensing, it means that we sell the patented technique and components to manufacturers to produce Dancing Stone jewelry with their designs and build up their own collections, after signing the license agreement. In this case, there are no limitations on creations nor restrictions on products. We also welcome non-jewelry companies to be a part of the Dancing Stone family.


Wholesalers or retailers may choose to order from our collection which has more than 4,000 styles in pendant, earring, ring and bracelet.

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